• Clare Conville

    Clare Conville

    Deconstructing the Booker Long List

    Listed by the Observer as one of “Our top 50 players in the world of books”, Clare previously worked as an editor at Random House, before co-founding Conville & Walsh in 2000. She specializes in literary and commercial . . .
  • Claudia Hammond

    Claudia Hammond

    The Time Warp

    Claudia is an award-winning broadcaster, writer and psychology lecturer. She is the presenter of All in the Mind & Mind Changers on BBC Radio 4 and the weekly Health Check on BBC World . . .
  • Damian Barr

    Damian Barr

    Therapeutic Books

    Damian Barr, is a writer, columnist, playwright and salonnière. He has co-written two plays for BBC Radio Four and his first book was published by Hodder. Get It Together made the quarterlife crisis the must-have modern malaise. He . . .
  • Daniel Rachel

    Daniel Rachel

    Classic British Songwriting

      Daniel Rachel was born in in the summer before The Beatles announced their break-up. He wrote his first song when he was sixteen and was the lead-singer in Rachels Basement, which he formed in his early twenties. In 2001, he . . .
  • David Lindo

    David Lindo

    Birds in the City

    Self-styled 'The Urban Birder', David Lindo is a one-man ornithological phenomenon. He is a regular on TV and radio, has a flourishing website and blog plus writes for a host of magazines including BBC Wildlife, Bird Watching and the . . .
  • David Spiegelhalter

    David Spiegelhalter

    Understanding Uncertainty.

    David Spiegelhalter OBE is Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk and just loves numbers - he will show how you can work out the risks you take with everything you do, from crossing the road to eating a burger.
  • David Tong

    David Tong

    Our Place in the Universe

    David Tong is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He works on quantum mechanics, string theory, cosmology and anything else that's exciting in physics. He has held research positions at a number of . . .
  • Dharshini David

    Dharshini David

    The Almighty Dollar

    Dharshini David is an economist and broadcaster. From 2009 she fronted Sky News’ daily financial coverage from the heart of the City, as well as co-presenting the channel’s flagship Sky News Tonight programme.
  • Dr Adam Rutherford

    Dr Adam Rutherford

    The Book of Humans

    Dr Adam Rutherford is a science writer and broadcaster. He studied genetics at University College London, and during his PhD on the developing eye, he was part of a team that identified the first genetic cause of a form of childhood . . .
  • Dr Catherine Loveday

    Dr Catherine Loveday

    Music, dancing and oxytocin.

    Dr Catherine Loveday is a Principal Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Westminster. She is passionate about public communication of neuroscience, especially in relation to music. Much of her research is focussed on the . . .