Christian Banfield

Christian Banfield

How to Take Better Pictures

Christian Banfield is a director, photographer and creative director. He has moved around the visual arts all his life – starting with a degree in drama and contemporary dance he went on to be a performer with a spin off of Pina Bausch Dance theatre. Next was photography and for two years he worked with the disabled food and travel writer Quentin Crewe on photojournalistic assignments across Europe and East Africa. 

The next stage, in his ‘apprenticeship’, was film production - location scouting, assistant directing and line producing. This time intended to gain exposure to, and an understanding of, the methods of different directors, designers and DOP’s ranging from Lindsay Anderson, John Box, Stuart Craig and Charlie Crichton to Michelle Gondry, Walter Stern and Paul Gay. From “In the Name of the Father” to the National Lottery Launch, Prince to Blur. The other benefit to all this work was extensive travel around the world including a year and half in Sydney.

He has been directing and photographing for the last 14 years – mostly commercials and more recently films for online usage thorough his own film and photography production company – Most recently he has been originating and developing his own projects around the subjects that mean most to him - food, taste and community.

He loves digital technology as it allows an old school filmmaker and photographer to bring all that experience to bear quickly and cost effectively with amazing results.