Catherine Pendegrass

Catherine Pendegrass

The Possibilities of Merging Humans with Machines

Catherine Pendegrass PhD, is a senior lecturer in the Department of Materials and Tissue and the Division of Surgery & Interventional Science at UCL.
Catherine is a Senior Lecturer in the department for Materials, Centre for Biomedical Engineering in the Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science at University College London.
Catherine’s research interests are focused on developing tissue interfaces between soft and hard tissues/materials for the development of skin-penetrating amputation prosthetics, and for the re-attachment of tendons and ligaments to bone for sporting- , disease- and age-related injuries, and to endoprostheses for bone tumour patients. She has written and presented extensively worldwide on the possibilities of merging humans with machines.


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    Super Human You in a Super Human World: Gene Editing, Robotics and Ethics

    20th Sep 2017