• Salon XXXII

    Salon XXXII

    Christmas Number One

    8th Dec 2012

    To close 2012, you are all invited to our sparkling little Christmas party.  Get this right, on the afternoon of Saturday 8th December, we are running a vocal session one of the UK’s best vocal coaches, Salon’s own Juliet . . .
  • Salon XXXI

    Salon XXXI

    Out of the Shadows

    1st Nov 2012

    For our November Salon which falls on the auspicious Toussaint Day, we present ‘Out of the Shadows’, a night dedicated to tempting out in to the light both our brighter and darker selves. We will be exploring the effects of . . .
  • Salon XXX

    Salon XXX


    3rd Oct 2012

    On the 3rd October it is Salon XXX. Yes of course we thought about celebrating with Japanese bondage, but we can do that in our own time.  To commence the 5th year of Salon’s X-istence we wanted to X- plode the essence of . . .
  • Salon XXIX

    Salon XXIX

    Inside Out at The National Theatre

    30th Aug 2012

    Curious about Curious Incident? As part of the Inside Out festival, Salon London and the National Theatre have teamed up to present a chance to dig deeper into Marianne Elliot’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the . . .
  • Salon XXVIII

    Salon XXVIII

    Future Victorians Day III

    17th Aug 2012

    So, let’s just say we do end up in a dystopian landscape in which we are forced to forage wild land for bits of food, will we have to eat less pesto, the answer fortunately is no.  Experienced food forage experts Leo Critchley . . .
  • Salon XXVII

    Salon XXVII

    Future Victorians Day II

    16th Aug 2012

    Now social media makes it impossible to forget, your data shadow sticks to you like a mouse to a glue trap, and your washing machine is bitching about you to its manufacturer, sometimes it feels like there isn’t anything you can to . . .
  • Salon XXVI

    Salon XXVI

    Future Victorians Day I

    15th Aug 2012

    By 2050 over 70% of the world’s population will live be living in cities. But is this prediction the stuff of dystopian nightmares?  Should you move to the country and take up badger baiting?  No, says Leo Hollis. In fact . . .
  • Salon XXV

    Salon XXV

    Salon Calling

    3rd Aug 2012

    This year your hosts very much wanted to take Salon to a summer festival, you know, one with camping and halloumi burgers.  We had our tick list: we wanted a clever one run by doers, one not afraid of dressing up of a Saturday night . . .
  • Salon North

    Salon North

    Life of Crime

    18th Jul 2012

      Scents and Misdemeanors Think murders can’t be solved by smell?  Take another read of your favourite detectives, and we’re looking at you Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes.  Olfactory . . .
  • Salon North

    Salon North


    11th Jul 2012

    Chasing Venus: The Race to Measure the Heavens : This summer an extremely rare celestial event took place- the transit of Venus. Award-winning writer Andrea Wulf tells the story of the planet's adventure - round one. In 1761 the scientific . . .