• Salon XIII

    Salon XIII

    Beiruti Nights

    8th Dec 2011

    Salon hosted its first fabulous Christmas party on the 8th December. We had our first pop-up fair trade bazaar abuzz with Salon hostess (Niki, Juliet and Helen) who had created a visual baccanalian feast for the eyes, candleabra and . . .
  • Salon XII

    Salon XII

    Grand Sensual

    3rd Nov 2011

    November saw Salon taking a train to Grand Sensual. For your delectation we had Sara Jayne Staines OBE, known by her first name in the finest chocolate houses in the capital. She is an expert in chocolate, from its dark history to the . . .
  • Salon XI

    Salon XI

    Reveal. Respond. Reflect.

    5th Oct 2011

    In celebration of our first Salon in Warwick, Salon manned-up and offered our first ever all male line-up to invite our audience to: Reveal. Respond. Reflect. Revealing the secrets of your personality through inkblots. Whatever you saw . . .
  • Salon X

    Salon X

    White Noise

    14th Sep 2011

    A big thank you to our auracular speakers (with special thanks to Chris for travelling all the way down from Northumberland). Within 30 minutes of meeting we will have lied to each other 3 times. So said Ian Leslie who explained why we . . .
  • Salon IX

    Salon IX

    Brain Fever

    11th Aug 2011

    Thanks to everyone who came and to our fabulous speakers: Iain McGilchrist who came down from Scotland to explain the battle in our brain that is between Master and Servant, top literary agent Clare Conville who reviewed the Booker long . . .
  • Salon VIII

    Salon VIII

    Salon Centraale

    15th Jun 2011

    This Salon certainly didn't Bohr us, because we had Manjit Kumar, physicist, philosopher and writer of Quantum, a book designed to help you understand the actual secrets of the universe. He came along to Salon to explain quantum theory . . .
  • Salon VII

    Salon VII

    Sap Rising

    5th May 2011

    Up first art historian Roz Whyte who runs a business creating bespoke tours of London's art and cultural establish- ments. She gave us a half hour virtual tour of the art highlights in the capital over the summer. Dr Lomax Fairchild is . . .
  • Salon VI

    Salon VI

    Twisted Love

    3rd Feb 2011

    Taking a sensual, yet twisted, approach to love, writer Jessica Fellowes talked about psychopaths: who they are and how to deal with them, and she should know having just finished writing her book: 'The Devil You Know - How to Spot the . . .