• Salon V

    Salon V

    Salon Goes Gothic

    18th Nov 2010

    For its first anniversary, on the 18th November 2010, Salon celebrates by going gothic with a stellar line­up: Philippa Perry (psychotherapist, author of Couch Fiction: a graphic tale of psychotherapy) explains exactly why there are dark . . .
  • Salon IV

    Salon IV

    Festival Survival

    12th Aug 2010

    Salty Sea Dog and ex Director of the ICA Mik Flood showed us just how to predict the weather by looking at the clouds. A perfect skill to have whether dressing yourself in the morning or planning an impromptu BOURGEOIS picnic. Our own . . .
  • Salon III

    Salon III

    Zen and the Art of Knife Maintenance

    6th May 2010

    "How to Wield a Knife - in the Kitchen" - Clara Paul, Resident Chef, Books for Cooks "Mongolian Throat Singing - An Interactive Introduction" - Michael Ormiston "Philosophy Improv." - Robert Rowland Smith
  • Salon II

    Salon II

    Life Skills

    4th Feb 2010

    "A History of Life Drawing" - Mary Riley "Life Drawing Live" "How to Tell a Joke" - Alexis Dubus