Salon LV

Thursday 24th April 2014

Cool Hunting

For the first Salon of 2014 we present ‘Cool Hunters’, and will be using the Salon format to explore the key elements of this most illusive attribute.  


Science seems to have transformed itself in the cool stakes, but how has an entire subject moved from geek to chic in a matter of years?  Author and creator of science and performance group ‘Guerilla Science’, Zoe Cormier believes scientists have always been a pretty wild bunch.  Her work ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll’ looks at the science of hedonism, and explains why scientists need cool characters in order to be successful.  


Professor of Acoustic Engineering Trevor Cox is a real life cool hunter.  His work as a sound adventurer takes him round the world to the collect the world’s most fascinating noises.  He will be at Salon to help us to listen deeper to the world’s music as he takes us from deep in Big Ben, to the singing sand-dunes of Saskatchewan to the sound of our planet six miles form the surface in his sonic odyssey – the ultimate cool concert.  


We have behavioural economist Nick Southgate to answer the difficult question ‘what is cool?’ Nick has made a study of the key components of the aesthetic and he will be on hand to help the Salon crowd pinpoint the coolest moments in their own, and the world’s history.  Should anyone want to make their lives even more cool (if is that even possible?) Nick will show us exactly how to be hip. 


  • Nick Southgate

    Nick Southgate

    Cool Hunting

      Nick Southgate was born in an unremarkable part of South London where he grew up in an unremarkable way. He went to Durham University in 1991 where he was seduced by philosophy. After many years of study and teaching he emerged at . . .
  • Trevor Cox

    Trevor Cox

    A Sonic Odyssey

      Trevor Cox is Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford, a former Senior Media Fellow funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and immediate past president of the Institute of . . .
  • Zoe Cormier

    Zoe Cormier

    Science of Hedonism

    Zoe Cormier is a freelance journalist, science writer and photographer with a background in biology who now specialises in environmental reporting and public science events. Her work has featured in Nature News, New Scientist, The . . .