• LXV


    CRIME, Punishment and Retribution.

    11th Sep 2014

    It would be criminal to miss the first in our autumn series of Crime, Punishment and Retribution. Why? Because we have forensic psychologist Dr David Rouse to explain exactly what happens with homicide. Understand exactly what goes on at . . .
  • LXIV


    Salon No 6

    5th Sep 2014

    On Friday we’ll be in the Town Hall having ‘Sex’ with poet Salena Godden who talked through the poets and the poems that had influenced her, famed author Zoe Pilger is on the Salon stage to explain the joys of writing . . .
  • Salon LXIII

    Salon LXIII

    Salon London wanders in the WILDERNESS

    8th Aug 2014

    As we know we only get one chance to make a first impression, we want to ensure your voice is up to the pressure, and so welcome acclaimed vocal coach Juliet Russell to Wilderness to teach range, tone, style, creak and even gravitas.  . . .
  • LXII


    Standon London

    1st Aug 2014

    Salon London presents:    Friday 4-6pm We'll be getting to know Manu Chao, exploring the influence of socialism, his global music perspective and his relationship with Latin America with his biographer Peter Culshaw, . . .
  • LXI


    Salon London gets LATITUDE

    17th Jul 2014

    Prof Sophie Scott, Kerry Daynes, Prof Barbara Sahakian, Prof David Speigelhalter OBE, Catherine Pendergrass, Prof Charles Ferneyhough, Dr Vaughan Bell, Dr Clare Jonas, Dr Michael Banissy, Prof David Tong, Dr Geoff Warburton, Prof Roland . . .
  • Salon LX

    Salon LX

    Personal Taste

    11th Jul 2014

    Salon North gets up close to personal taste. Music: Author and musician Daniel Rachel wanted to get beyond his personal taste in music to understand the creativity at work in songwriting.  ‘Isle of Noises’ is the . . .
  • Salon LIX

    Salon LIX

    Where do you go to my lovely?

    23rd Jun 2014

    You may have noticed Salon London takes you to new places and expands your mind, and for June’s special Salon we’ll be doing both as we ask, ‘Where do you go to my lovely?’ Salon London increases your creativity: . . .
  • Salon LVIII

    Salon LVIII

    The Also Festival with Ideas from Salon London

    20th Jun 2014

      SALON London has developed the perfect format to explore a subject laterally and consistently deliver a fascinating and engaging cultural experience. So this June we’re going to do it in Arcadia – Capability Browns . . .
  • Salon LVII

    Salon LVII

    Health, Wealth and HAPPINESS.

    7th May 2014

    In our final session in our Spring 2014 series, and to celebrate Social Book Week, we will be taking a long, hard look at Happiness, and proving there’s far more to it than the old music hall number about the male member. For a . . .
  • Salon LVI

    Salon LVI


    28th Apr 2014

    It’s a truth universally unquestioned that travel broadens the mind. But how and why?  In this specially curated Salon to reflect the journey theme of the Stratford Festival, Salon takes a look at what is to be gained from . . .