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    5th May 2016

    I-Spy with Salon London. Who’s Hacking Who? Millennials, you’ll have to trust us, once upon a time it was as easy as having a quiet word with ‘lads’ in IT to stop anyone else looking at your email.  But now . . .



    7th Apr 2016

    Salon Does Some DIY Lost in Devices? Dr Tom Chatfield is on hand to help us DIY our own lives – to dig down to our reasons for living the way we do, to see if there could be better ways to spend our time on earth.  As one of . . .



    3rd Mar 2016

    Salon does artificial intelligence. Transhumanism.  Can you Afford to Live Forever? Many people are banking on living forever, driven by the prediction the technology enabling us to upload our consciousness to a machine will be . . .
  • Salon LXXXVII

    Salon LXXXVII

    For Your Consideration

    4th Feb 2016

    Our Salon to celebrate The Transmission Prize for the communication of ideas is always the grandest Salon of the Year, as is it dedicated to bringing to life the ideas that captivated the hearts and minds of our audiences in 2015.  . . .


    Studio 54

    3rd Dec 2015

    To celebrate the end of the Salon year we're delving deep in to Studio 54, the high glamour night club that defined the New York disco scene of the late 70s.  If you've ever wanted to arrive at a Salon on horse back, or wearing . . .
  • Salon LXXXV

    Salon LXXXV

    The Century

    7th Nov 2015

    Saturday 7th and Saturday 14th November 2015 Twentieth Century Time Travel. Choose where you want to go... Drink cocktails at the captain's table on a 1930s ocean liner. Drive through the noir landscape of 1940s LA. Hitch a ride to Nepal . . .
  • Salon LXXXIII

    Salon LXXXIII

    Motivate, Create, INNOVATE

    5th Nov 2015

    John Higgs made sense of why one of the biggest bands in the 90s deleted their entire catalogue at the height of their fame, with his book The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds.   This time John has taken . . .


    Motivate. CREATE. Innovate.

    8th Oct 2015

    This Salon is all about where to go and what to do to have better, bigger and more ideas.  Cathy Haynes (School of Life – Curator of Public Programmes, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford) will mainline our brains in . . .


    MOTIVATE. Create. Innovate.

    9th Sep 2015

    Could there be better ways of spending your time on earth? Could your key skills be used in totally different ways? What are your ambitions beyond the usual goals of happiness, money and love? Tough questions, and the world renowned . . .
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    Travel and You

    27th Jun 2015

    The Pleasures of Travel: Why does time slow down when we travel? Is a change really as good as a rest? Are there any real benefits of cultural travel or is it all in our mind? Award winning writer and Salon co-founder Helen Bagnall . . .