Swan Song with Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott

    28th Nov 2019

    This 28th November, let’s get together to celebrate in style the anniversary of Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball. We’ll be at The Curtain Member's Club with the award-winning Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott who will tell . . .


    Don't Look Back in Anger.

    21st Nov 2019

    The nineties was the decade when British culture reclaimed its position at the artistic centre of the world. Not since the 'Swinging Sixties' had art, comedy, fashion, film, football, literature and music interwoven into an explosion of . . .


    Messengers. Who We Listen To, Who We Don't, And Why.

    5th Nov 2019

    When deciding whether or not someone is worth listening to, we think we carefully weigh their words and arguments. But those are far from being the only factors that hold sway with us. Behavioural experts Stephen Martin, CEO of INFLUENCE . . .
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    Experiencing the Impossible.

    31st Oct 2019

    Why do we enjoy experiencing what seems clearly impossible, or at least beyond our powers of explanation? And how do magicians exploit huge gaps in our conscious experience, holes that we are typically unaware of? This Halloween, join us . . .
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    How to Have Feminist Sex: A Fairly Graphic Guide.

    29th Oct 2019

    We talk about feminism in the workplace and we talk about dating after #MeToo, but women's own patriarchal conditioning can be the hardest enemy to defeat. When it comes to our sex lives, few of us are free of niggling fears and body image . . .


    Street Wisdom - Creativity and Walking Tour for Salon Members Only

    27th Oct 2019

    At the centre of Street Wisdom - the global social enterprise - lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration – turns out there’s no such thing as an ordinary street, just ordinary . . .


    Understand The Dark Side of the Mind with Kerry Daynes.

    19th Sep 2019

    Kerry Daynes is one of the UK’s most respected Consultant Forensic Psychologist and a trusted government advisor, for over 25 years she has managed the treatment of extremely high-risk criminals. Kerry’s speciality is delving . . .


    Be More William Blake

    16th Sep 2019

    THIS SEPTEMBER BE MORE WILLIAM BLAKE.  As LONDON gets William Blake fever - ahead of the massive show at Tate Britain, this Salon with author John Higgs is the perfect way to get to grips with the visionary poet and painter. Find . . .
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    Rage Inside the Machine

    11th Sep 2019

    Why are algorithms prejudiced? Is it a product of a hidden, bigoted, politically-activist brogrammer cabal in Silicon Valley? Is it that big data analytics are simply revealing the ugly truths about ourselves and the fundamental . . .


    Rage Inside the Machine Breakfast Event

    10th Jul 2019

    We live in a world increasingly ruled by technology, which now shapes and governs our lives seemingly as much as laws and regulations. But unlike laws and regulations, the influence of tech in our lives too often goes unchallenged by . . .